Vocational guidance tool

We firmly believe that the best tool for career guidance is the information, so we have selected and classified, into different sections, the most relevant data and clearer ideas to facilitate an overview of the reality of the new technologies sector to make it affordable to all girls who may be interested.

The Digital Talent Gap: Developing Skills for Today’s Digital Organizations

The shortage of digital skills in the current marketplace is unprecedented. It is estimated that over 4.4 million IT jobs will be created around Big Data by 2015; however, only a third of these new jobs will be filled.

This skills shortage is creating a ‘war for digital talent’. Unlike in the past, the hunt for the best talent is no more limited to localized skills in certain departments. In this case, the talent war is manifest across the entire organization.

The important questions are: What skills are most relevant for the digital age? How can organizations plug the skills gap? How are digital leaders developing digital skills?



1. State of the Art Report – market analysis about ICT sector, future job possiblities and vocational guidance in secondary education level. This general report is based on partners’ national reports.


2. Report from questionnaires – the questionnaire was carried out among vocational guidance specialists and teachers in all partners’ countries to assess teenage girls attitudes to ICT carrers and to examine the negative stereotypes.


3. Recommendations – based on our research among specialists working with young people in secondary schools we have prepared recommendations how to improve girls participation in ICT sector.


4. Manual – in this documents you will find all reports and research analysis with conclusions and recommendations. We hope our project’s Girls Go It products we be interesting and useful for our users.


Other project’s results and documents in English and partners’ national languages are availabe in this section under a selected partner country.

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