ÇATALCA HALK EĞİTİMİ MERKEZİ/İSTABUL Çatalca Adult Education Center is a nonprofit , public institution. We organize ICT, vocational, social and cultural courses and seminaries for seniors. We arrange exhibitions for the products of our trainees every year. Most of our learners consists of women and we have participants who can’t read or write, housewives who lives in villages and is in bad economical conditions, mentally or physically impaired people. At the end of these courses, we prompt our women trainees to take part in the business life equally with men and earn their own money without standing in need of help of men. We also aim to increase the percentage of entrepreneurship among women. We wish to actualize this Project to be able to give our women learners an opportunity to take the advantage of lifelong learning and gaining competence in using the ICT skills. This partner together with BD Center will be responsible for content of online vocational tool.


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