Cankiri Civil Society Association (CCSA)

Our organization promotes civil society building. Our region is the near to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Yet, Cankiri is categorized as Tier II underdeveloped region scheme. Rural women in Cankiri and Turkey have been the most disadvantaged group in Turkey. We have already participated some projects that is related to return of rural women into work market as well as return of girls into primary, secondary and high schools.
The project addresses the themes related to women, labour and development. The women and labour issues are one of the priorities of the Turkish Ministries as well as the Central Finance and Contracting Unit together with ISKUR.Women’s participation into the labour market and female employment are the key challenges in the Turkish labour market. Women labour force participation rate is only 24,8% and women employment rate is 22,2% according to HLFS 2007. These figures show remarkable differences when compared to the EU where women’s employment is 58,6 %. The main reasons for inadequate employability of women are; lack of skills and vocational qualifications; traditional gender roles in the society that puts the responsibility of child and elderly care on women and patriarchal family structure in especially the poorer regions of the society. The other reason affecting women employability is the low educational attainment level of women. In order to tackle these issues, this grant aims to improve employability of women by dealing with socio-cultural obstacles which hinder participation to labour market, by promoting their access to employment and by training women in the T82-Kastamonu, Cankiri and Sinop region in accordance with local needs. In addition, this grant aims to support women entrepreneurship.
CCSA together with AFEC will be responsible for developing the content of labour market analysis and questionnaire for vocational guidance specialists.

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