BD Center

Business and Development Center, Poland provides services to private enterprises, self-government institutions and non-governmental institutions in social policy projects and entrepreneurship development. The main goal of BD Center to act for the benefit of education development and providing solutions to resolve social problems of women, disabled and young people.
Main aims of BD Center are as follows: promotion of equality of women and men; acting for the elimination of sex-based discrimination in work place; promotion of new technologies among women; promotion of entrepreneurship among women; promotion of disabled people on the open labour market.
BD Center is achieving its goals through the following activities: Labour market research, Training – workshops on gender and equality issues, human resources management, publishing. Work of BD Center is based on well organized cooperation system with NGOs, training and guidance institution and local self-government. BD Center has over 11-year of experience in realization of EU projects.
BD Center role in the project will be to coordinate all activities, preparing meeting minutes, linguistic preparation of learners for mobilities and assisting partners in all work packages.

BD Center logo

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