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AGAEMP born with the primary purpose of contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurship, to support the construction of a future society with a quality education. It is intended that the principal beneficiary of the achievements of AGAEMP, whether the whole society, the benefits achieved through the creation of new businesses and skilled jobs are technological and economic development.
AGAEMP believes strongly in collaboration and unity of people, communities and countries to get to meet the objectives proposed, that develops training and education of women and young job seekers in their community or outside.AGAEMP has developed many educational projects, both locally and internationally, worrying about the labor market and the improvement in the process of continuous training.
Galician Association of entrepreneurs is comprised of a large number of SMEs and for that reason is very interested in to provide teachers and trainers with key competencies essential for improve gender equality and ICT.
This partner (together with Viva Femina) due to their extensive experience in ICT, e-learning and graphic desing will supervice technical part of dissemination, project common social network, logo, and will provide professional assistance to all partners.

BD Center logo

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