AFEC is a vocational training organisation founded in 1975, centred in Paris but with 70 training centres in 21 towns and cities in 11 regions of France, therefore providing coverage of the whole country. Among its several training activities, AFEC is active in promoting a reflexion on the future of good practice and of lifelong learning.

The organisation has long been involved in EU training programmes and is a major mobility operator, besides having taken part in several TOI projects within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme/LdV.
AFEC also carries out new forms of approaching VET programmes and courses. Thereby we are active in the implementation of ECVET system in France and work for the recognition of learning outcomes of our trainees. We are implied in PEP Goes Local and lead MOBILECVET project.

Among the several areas of VET training available to the public, AFEC is particularly active in terms of providing training for the hospitality, sale sector and ICT sector for the unemployed and low qualified people.
For the last ten years we have been involved in the Leonardo Da Vinci programme that deals with Mobility, which gives undergraduates work experience in their chosen vocation. We organise this work experience in professional companies in Bordeaux and throughout the South West of France. Our aim is to provide students/trainees with the best possible work experience in France.

To ensure that, we only place your students/trainees in work placements with professional firms that maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism.

We are also involved in the Leonardo Mobility program as sending institution in order to give persons on the labour market theopportunity to have a professional experience abroad.
AFEC together with CCSA will be responsible for developing the content of labour market analysis and questionnaire for vocational guidance specialists. They have excellent knowledge of the labour market issues and VET systems.


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