Girls Go IT will contribute to the improvement of vocational guidance in secondary schools and promote modern online vocational guidance tools and use of social networks which are popular among our second target group-girls aged 15-19. Via the transnational co-operation each partner will be able to take advantage of complementary expertise and resources as well as utilizing existing European knowledge networks. Placing the project in a wider European context will also increase possibilities for broad visibility and dissemination.Within the transnational social network platform of Girls Go It comparative studies can be carried out and approaches tested in different contexts. All partners will be able to compare their own vocational guidance and training practices with those applied in several other member states. Partners from different countries will be able to contribute with best practices from their respective organizational and cultural contexts. The transfer and adaptation of innovative practices will increases the range of intervention methods and tools at national level for increasing women’s participation in ICT education and training. Furthermore in a fast growth sector as ICT it is essential with transnational co-operation in order to be able to anticipate trends and future needs of skills.


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