Meeting in Rome


Welcome to Rome Meeting

Welcome to Rome meeting

Thuesday 1st of April 2014, partners of the Girls Go It project met in Rome (Italy) in the Istituto Spellucci. During this second meeting of the group, we could present the activities developed in each partner country. After welcome words from the host, Laroccaweb, the Turkish Partner Cankiri Association presented comparative report analyzing ICT sector in partner countries.
The presentation of the report was followed by the presentation of the blog of the project ( ) by the Spanish partner AGAEMP, as well as instructions for uploading documents.
Also, partners keep on planning next steps, like contributions to the blog, report and next meetings which will take place in: Bordeaux (France) 3-4 July 2014; Istanbul (Turkey) 1-3 October 2014; Rzeszow (Poland) June 2015.

Visiting Archeological park Fori Imperiali


Visiting Archeological park Fori Imperiali


In the afternoon partners were guided to the Archeological park Fori Imperiali (one of Rome’s most important archaeological zones) with an expert guide, letting us know more about history of Rome and its chief monuments like the Colosseum and Imperial Fori.


Telematic University UNINETTUNO



The second day of their visit to Rome, partners visited International Telematic University Uninettuno, whose research activity involves international-level experts in different disciplines such as technologists, computer scientists, pedagogues, learning psychologists, experts in various languages and in communication.
A and researcher from Engineering and Communication Sciences department showed statistics for girls involvement in ICT studies and explained teaching methods of this University with more than 3.000 students, where the teaching and learning processes take place on the internet in 6 languages.
More info about University Uninettuno:

Meeting at Istituto Spelluci


After visiting Uninettuno University, partners were led to vocational training center Istituto Spellucci, working with a range of high quality courses in the areas of administrative and accounting, computer multimedia and office automation, using an e-learning platform too.
Istituto Spelluci, one the oldest training center in Italy, and holding a position of leadership among the vocational training centers in central Italy in Italy, presented an innovative training method.
More about Istituto Spelluci:


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