kick-off meeting in Vigo

Welcome Vigo kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting

Wednesday 13th of November 2013, partners of the Girls Go It project met in Vigo (Spain). After welcome words from the host, AGAEMP, each institution presented their activities, objectives and interest in being part of the project. They also reviewed the Project proposal, suggested approaches and established a new work plan for two years, distributing tasks and taking into account dissemination and evaluation plan as well.

Next meetings will take place in:
Rome 1-3 April 2014;
France 2-4 July 2014;
Istanbul 1-3 October 2014;
Rzeszow June 2015.

Visiting Gradiant Technological Center

Engineers from Gradiant

Engineers from Gradiant


In the afternoon partners visited Gradiant Technological Center near Vigo University.

GRADIANT (Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecommunications) is a private and nonprofit foundation created for the purpose of aligning the university’s knowledge with business demands. It plays a key role in the generation and transfer of knowledge in information technology and communications (ICT) to companies.

Partner met with five women who work in Gradiant and have studied new technologies. They explained their motivation to choose ICT studies and work in the sector.

More info about Gradiant Technological Center:



CESGA, The Galicia Supercomputing Center




The second day of their visit to Vigo, partners visited Santiago de Compostela’s University and CESGA, Galicia Supercomputing Center, who works on a similar EU project, ICT-Go-Girls, concerning entrepreneurship skills among secondary school girls, promotion of ICT and entrepreneurship among female students, improvement of teachers methodologies to promote entrepreneurship and ICT skills among school girls and delivering them support tools and increase ICT skills for educational issues among school girls.

Since the aims of both projects are quite similar, both partnerships agreed to work together and share results and dissemination actions.

More info about ICT-Go-Girls:


Old Town in Santiago de Compostela


After visiting The Galicia Supercomputing Center and the University Campus, the partners walked through the parks of Santiago de Compostela to visit its Cathedral and Old Town. Sharing this visit with partners of different cultures and religions turned it into a remarkable moment.


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